HCT Group unveils latest brush collection

Published: 20-Jul-2017

HCT Brushes continues to push boundaries with their inventive designs and inspired, patent-pending shapes. Among this year’s brush collections that were showcased during Cosmoprof North America, The Retreat Collection stands out with excitingly new innovations.

Inspired by a relaxing day lounging poolside under the warm summer sun, the Retreat Collection taps into major vacation vibes with splashes of tropical colours and oasis-like designs within its three sets of brushes, individual sponges and accessory/pool bag.  

The Scallop Shell Shader brushes glisten in a beautiful mermaid teal while its crimped bristles mimic the shape of exotic seashells. A perfect complement to this brush set is the shell-shaped sponges.  These petite round sponges are great for applying a fresh tint while the small divots aid in a precise application. Its smooth, flat side allows for contouring with creamy bronzers to get that perfect sun kissed glow.

The 2-in-1 brush set is a perfect space saver in anyone’s accessory bag while providing the application of both face and eye makeup. Their tangerine colour styles them fun and on trend and their PVC pouch can conveniently double as a chic sunglass carrier as well.

No poolside retreat is complete without the nutritional health benefits of sipping a cold, refreshing coconut beverage. This tropical fruit is known to be naturally antibacterial and a powerful antioxidant that slows down the process of ageing skin. The third and last set of the Retreat Collection spans ten beautifully crafted face and eye brushes with luxurious wooden handles and filaments that are infused with coconut additives. The Coconut Wood Brush set combines an opulent finish with the tranquil ease of a summer day retreat.

For more information on this collection and other innovations showcased during Cosmoprof North America, please visit https://hctgroup.com/locations/

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