Goldn and Good Face Project team up to simplify product development

By Julia Wray | Published: 13-May-2022

The partnership aims to help cosmetic companies digitalise and streamline their creation process

Tech company Goldn, best known for its digital cosmetic product development platform, is partnering with a San Diego-based SaaS player in formulation and regulatory compliance, called Good Face Project.

San Francisco-German firm Goldn launched its web-based Cosmetic Product Builder in 2021, described as an ‘ecosystem’ to guide cosmetic product creators through the different phases of development.

Good Face, meanwhile, serves as a ‘cosmetics R&D lab in the cloud’, helping product creators navigate regulatory and formulation requirements during product creation.

The Goldn-Good Face partnership is expected to support a wide category of cosmetic companies who are moving to digitalise product development by providing access to complimentary and key areas on both platforms.

“Thanks to our partnership with Good Face, we will help even more beauty brands and cosmetic suppliers simplify complexity across different phases of product development,” said Arianna Andrews, CCO of Goldn.

“This partnership expands our audience’s digital tool kit, giving brands, formulators and manufacturers access to formulation and regulatory automation in combination with Goldn’s Cosmetic Product Builder—slashing product development time and increasing go-to-market success.

Goldn and Good Face Project team up to simplify product development

“Linking the Good Face Formulator and Goldn platform enables us to provide immense value to brands and manufacturers that are in the critical formulation phase of their product development journeys,” added Iva Teixeira, co-founder and CEO of Good Face.

“At the core of this partnership is our mission of helping product development teams simplify workflows, improve productivity, and ultimately focus on building better products for their core audiences.”

The pandemic saw web-based players, like Goldn, fill a gap in the market for digital solutions to facilitate sourcing and reduce time to market for finished goods in the beauty sphere.

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