Glowing skin is in thanks to Oh K!’s new Chok Chok additions

Published: 23-Apr-2020

Skincare brand Oh K! have levelled up their existing Chok Chok collection with the addition of five shiny new lines providing a glow-getting regime from day to night and even on-the-go.

Comprising of a gel cleanser, face scrub, eye cream, serum mist and overnight cream, the new Chok Chok range is designed to maximise skincare benefits while minimising time, leaving skin dewy, bouncy, fresh and flawless.

Formulated to supercharge your natural glow, these star products are the simplest way to achieve the effortless skin first look.

Purifying Gel Cleanser
A gentle but effective gel cleanser that works for all skin types AM or PM.

Shimmer Face Scrub
Iridescent biodegradable glitter particles gently wash away impurities and dead skin cells to reveal healthy glowing skin.

Hydrating Serum Mist
Mist your way to hydrated skin as part of your daily routine or as a refreshing boos while on the go.

Firming Eye Cream
Pep up tired peepers with the vitamin-rich eye cream, helping to firm and de-puff the delicate eye area.

Rejuvenating Night Cream
Recharge your glow while you sleep with noisturisinf Shea butter and relaxing Lavender oil.

Oh K!’s chok chok collection is available now from Ulta, Shoppers Drug Mart, Asos and Beauty Bay.

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