'Gen Z are aware of the environmental benefits': what vegan beauty looks like in 2023

By Julia Wray 16-Aug-2023

The Vegan Society’s Natacha Rodrigues and Ben Elmadi from MSL Solution Providers assess today’s vegan beauty landscape and where the opportunities lie

Vegan beauty could be worth .3bn by 2030

Vegan beauty could be worth .3bn by 2030

The vegan beauty industry is estimated to be worth US$18.3bn with predictions that it could hit $29.3bn in value by 2030.

But how is the vegan trend evolving and what do beauty consumers look for in a vegan product in 2023?

Here, Natacha Rodrigues, Senior Trademark Officer at The Vegan Society and Ben Elmadi, Technical Manager – Cosmetics at MSL Solution Providers answer Cosmetics Business’ questions on the topic.

How has the vegan trend evolved and why?

Natacha Rodrigues, The Vegan Society: Interest in vegan beauty has grown steadily over the past ten years. In 2022, the global market for vegan cosmetics was estimated to be worth $18.3bn.

Vegan cosmetics and toiletries is our largest sector with over 30,000 products certified. Consumers are largely driven by ethical concerns; a UK survey in 2020 by the Fund for Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments (FRAME) found that 84% of respondents would not buy a cosmetic product if they knew it, or one of its ingredients, had been tested on animals.

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