Garnier research shows 41% are willing to take shorter showers

By Julia Wray | 13-Jan-2022

The L’Oréal-owned brand is releasing its first No Rinse Conditioner, in response

A new report by Garnier has revealed that 41% of UK females are willing to take shorter showers to help the environment, but only 9% are actually doing so, blaming lack of money, choice and information as barriers.

The One Green Step report from the L’Oréal portfolio brand, which involved 29,600 respondents across nine countries, also showed that 75% of UK respondents want to be more sustainable in 2022.

Globally, the biggest increases in green intent revealed in the survey came from US and German respondents, with 88% agreeing that the past year had made them determined to become more sustainable.

In response to the feedback, Garnier is unveiling what it claims is the industry’s first-ever mass market No Rinse Conditioner (£6.99), which is estimated to save 100 litres of water per tube.

The use of products in the shower accounts for the largest part of consumers’ carbon footprints.

A lifecycle analysis, conducted by Garnier, showed 63% of a traditional conditioner’s carbon footprint is when the product is ‘in use’ (under the shower).

Overall, the carbon footprint of the brand’s No Rinse Conditioner is -92% compared to a traditional 200ml conditioner.

The brand has also launched a digital campaign, encouraging people to share their ‘green steps’ on social media.

Using #OneGreenStep, for every share of its One Step Green campaign video, Garnier will recycle five bottles of plastic. For every share of consumers’ own ‘green steps’ on social media, Garnier will recycle ten bottles.

The online campaign includes a video incentivising the public to reveal their own green changes in behaviour and driving increased funding to the brand’s long-term NGO partner Plastics for Change.

Adrien Koskas, Garnier’s Global President, commented: “Garnier’s mission is to make green beauty accessible to all. Our research carried out in nine countries told us that choice, as well as education and cost, are the three main barriers to acting sustainably.

“We are the world’s fourth largest mass market beauty brand and so it’s absolutely key we lead the way in this affordable and sustainable product innovation, as well as education.

“At Garnier, we know it is our responsibility to become more sustainable as a brand, but also to help our consumers take green steps too.

“That’s why developing sustainable innovations, like our newly launched No Rinse Conditioner, which actually help change people’s day-to-day beauty routines, are such a priority for us.

“More than ever, it is critical that we all take action for the planet, yet our global survey told us that there is a discrepancy between our consumers’ desire to be more sustainable, and actually taking action.

“That’s why we have launched our One Green Step campaign; it is our way of encouraging consumers to step beyond their day-to-day sustainable behaviours and challenge themselves.

“We are hoping to create a snowball effect of sustainable action.”

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