GREENTECH: Pioneer in positive ageing

Published: 28-Mar-2019

Today’s population expects to live longer but in good health. The trend is all about living a good life, in good shape and the most of all : living happily.

The well and happy aging will be the must in the cosmetic field of tomorrow, and it starts now!

Aging has a negative effect on mood and self-esteem. It is also seen that many women attach self esteem to their body image which is associated with beauty, femininity and youth. Let’s begin Positive Ageing!

Greentech: Pioneer in positive ageing
Having concrete and recognised results related to Positive Aging, GREENTECH is positioned as a pioneer in this field and is leading a conceptual revolution. All the physiological and psychological tests are recognised by the academic community, proving that GREENTECH is at the forefront of the innovation.

Herbelys: New results about emotional benefits
GREENTECH launched HEBELYS in partnership with DEINOVE. The first results clearly showed that HEBELYS boosts the cutaneous architecture and maintains skin’s beauty after 60 years old. Acting on the key markers of senescence, HEBELYS limits the deleterious of senescent cells and maintain the biomechanical properties of skin.

New results are now available : HEBELYS , an active ingredient focusing on «Positive Aging» for people above 60 years old. It has emotional benefits, increasing self-esteem (Rosenberg test, 1965) and improvement of global mood state (Profile of Mood State, McNair and al., 1971).

This is proven by the results of physiological and psychological tests, obtained from 30 subjects aged between 60 to 70 years old, showing the well-being effect and an extraordinary sense of bliss feeling after 56 days of daily application of a formulation containing 1% HEBELYS.

Once again, GREENTECH shows by this new active ingredient that the company relies on an innovative concept in cosmetology, articulated around a systemic and psychobiological approach. A first in the field.

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