From Vogue to SEEN: Nicola Moulton discusses a new age for creative beauty


Vogue’s ex-Beauty and Health Director Nicola Moulton has swapped glossy editorial for agency life at SEEN. Here she examines the growing trend of the beauty-editor-turned-content-creator

Vogue was founded in 1982, with British Vogue launching in 1916

Vogue was founded in 1982, with British Vogue launching in 1916

Nicola Moulton

Nicola Moulton

Nicola Moulton is Vogue’s former Beauty and Health Director.

She worked at the title for almost a decade and prior to that she worked at leading women’s glossies, including SHE, Grazia and Marie Claire.

In her new position as Creative Director at agency company SEEN, she is identifying key trends and predicting cultural shifts that inform the way consumers trial, buy and use beauty products.

"When you leave Vogue, you get a cover of the magazine with you as the star. It’s a tradition that happens at most magazines, and in my time I’ve graced the cover of SHE, Grazia and Marie Claire.

The slogan emblazoned across my Vogue ‘issue’ was ‘coverline queen’ as it was well-known that coverlines were my favourite thing to do. I loved nailing the part of a feature that would entice someone to buy the mag.

In fact, when they filmed a BBC documentary about Vogue in 2016, my moment of fame was coming up with the killer line for a Kate Moss cover, which prompted a flurry of ‘that’s my girl’-type texts from previous editors.

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So why on earth would you leave Vogue? Surely it was the dream job. And there’s no denying, it can be super-glamorous.


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