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From Vera Wang to Sharon Osbourne's hair: Google reveals the most searched for beauty brands and trends of 2020

By Sarah Parsons | Published: 9-Dec-2020

The search engine's annual 'Year in Search' has revealed lockdown, working from home and the coronavirus pandemic have transformed Googled questions this year

Plopping, dermaplaning, Vera Wang, at-home haircuts and 'when will hairdressers open?'

These are just some of the beauty-related terms and phrases consumers frequently searched for on Google in 2020.

The search engine has released its annual 'Year in Search' report, which analyses the billions of queries to discover what people are most curious about around the world.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of searches reflected new home-bound routines, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and finding DIY alternatives following the closure of non-essential businesses.

In the UK, 'how to make hand sanitizer?', 'how to cut your own hair?', 'how to cut men's hair?', featured in the top ten 'how to' questions of the year in second, fifth and seventh place respectively.

Britons also favoured the ‘DIY' term with 'DIY hand sanitizer' and 'DIY haircut’ ranking highly in the year's trending list.

Meanwhile, frustrated consumers eager to seek professional help put 'when will hairdressers open?' as the tenth most popular 'when' question of 2020.

Fragrance brand Vera Wang was the UK's most-searched beauty brand and landed second place, behind 'hair clippers', on Google's top trending beauty terms over the past year.

Take a look at some of the other highlights below:

Top Trending Beauty, UK:

  1. Hair clippers
  2. Vera Wang
  3. How to cut your own hair
  4. Acrylic nail kit
  5. Hairdressing scissors
  6. Sharon Osbourne hair
  7. How to cut men's hair
  8. Unprofessional hairstyles men
  9. Skin care
  10. Thinning scissors

Beauty how to…

  1. Cut men's hair at home
  2. Plop hair
  3. Colour your hair at home
  4. Wash your hands
  5. Style curtain bangs
  6. Cut women's hair
  7. Do knotless braids
  8. Fade hair
  9. Trim your own hair
  10. Dermaplane

Source: Google US

How to style…

  1. Curtain bangs
  2. Curly hair
  3. Biker shorts
  4. Box braids
  5. Long hair men
  6. Doc Martens
  7. Mom Jeans
  8. Long hair
  9. Sweatpants
  10. Curly hair men

Source: Google US

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