French council calls for update to cosmetics advertising regulations

Published: 16-Jul-2018

The Conseil Paritaire de la Publicité wants France to adopt recommendations that reflect European Commission Regulation (EU) N ° 655/2013

France’s advertising council, the Conseil Paritaire de la Publicité (CPP), has published an opinion that the recommendations on cosmetics advertising in France should be updated in line with new European regulations.

The organisation highlighted two main areas of concern: ‘without’ (free-from) claims on cosmetics packaging, and the scientific basis of any tests that manufacturers claim have been carried out on products.

The update was important, said the CPP, to ensure that France does not fall behind regulations in the rest of Europe.

It therefore recommended harmonisation with European Commission Regulation (EU) N ° 655/2013.

In its opinion, the CPP asked that 'without' claims made by manufacturers should mainly be used to "enable consumers… to make their choice knowingly, for example ‘without alcohol’ for a mouthwash intended for the family”.

In terms of scientific claims, it strives to:

  1. Clarify the nature of any tests
  2. Simplify how the results are expressed, in order to make them more intelligible
  3. Outline the term ‘hypoallergenic’
  4. Define the meaning of the phrase ‘sensitive skin’.

With regard to item 1, the CPP said: “The replacement of the current distinction of ‘statistically valid scientific tests’ and ‘satisfaction tests’ with the terms ‘efficacy tests’ and ‘satisfaction tests’ seems relevant.”

With regard to item 2, it suggested that the average of any results should be shown, in order make them easier to understand.

For item 3, it invited professionals to review the definition of ‘hypoallergenic’ and to strengthen the term by providing additional clarifications to facilitate consumer understanding.

For item 4, it said the sector should define the term ‘sensitive skin’ and indicate how a ‘sensitive skin’ panel is defined.

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