FREE WEBINAR: A digital one-stop-shop for the personal care industry: fact or fiction?

Published: 28-Aug-2020

Register now for the free webinar which is taking place on Thursday 3 September

2020 is proving how important easy-to-use digital solutions and an intuitive, Google-like approach for the cosmetic industry are. Chemberry, a startup from Switzerland, is on its way to becoming a digital one-stop-shop for personal care development. It aims to connect all relevant industry parties on one open platform.

In our FREE webinar, we provide up-to-date insights about the evolution of industry behavior. We will also show you how Chemberry allows you to digitally speed up innovation. The Chemberry experts explain how they set up a digital one-stop-shop, what the benefits and challenges of today’s platforms are and why we created Chemberry.

We will also provide a demo of our platform to help make your work for sourcing ingredients and services, as well as online marketing easier.

This webinar is for anyone who is interested in creating a cosmetics and/or personal care line as well as, for suppliers of ingredients, seeking new ways of marketing their products and services online.


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