Evocutis introduces versatile 3D human skin model


LabSkin launched as a consumable research tool

Evocutis has announced the launch of its LabSkin full thickness human skin model as a consumable research tool for cosmetic product development. Until now, LabSkin has only been available through Evocutis services. The skin model is comprised of both dermal and epidermal layers constructed from primary human skin cells (keratinocytes and fibroblasts). It has a fully differentiated epidermal layer, which provides a completely dry surface for product testing.

According to Evocutis, LabSkin is more robust than previous 3D skin models, which translates into several advantages. Firstly, it enables transverse sectioning and therefore molecular and histological analysis of the effects of cosmetics on skin at a cellular level. It also allows the product to be applied directly to the surface by hand. Moreover, LabSkin displays a barrier function similar to that of human skin, has a large (4.5cm2) surface area and ten to 14 days longevity, making it very easy to use.

In addition, it is possible to colonise LabSkin with naturally occurring micro-flora and bacteria to emulate various skin scenarios, including those that are clinically unethical to test on humans.

Tissues are supplied as ready to use kits in six-well formats with sufficient culture media for ten days, during which time LabSkin remains intact, metabolically active and responsive.

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Gwyn Humphreys, ceo of Evocutis, said: “The advancement of LabSkin into a commercially available product for direct sale is an exciting step for the company, which builds on the company’s consultancy expertise. Evocutis continues to offer a bespoke consultancy and contract research service allowing clients to access its world-class skin and living skin equivalent expertise.”