European Commission condones use of aluminium in cosmetics

By Becky Bargh | Published: 7-Jan-2020

The new regulations would allow aluminium to be used in toothpaste and lipstick under certain specifications

The European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Consumers Safety (SCCS) has opened a new discussion on the safety of aluminium in cosmetics.

In light of new data provided to the governing body, the SCCS is considering allowing aluminium in toothpaste at concentrations of 2.65% and 0.77% in lipstick.

Under European law, aluminium can be used in antiperspirants at a concentration of 6.25% and 10.6% in spray and non-spray products.

The report stated: “The SCCS considers that the systemic exposure to aluminium via daily applications of cosmetics products does not add significantly to the systemic body burden of aluminium from other sources.

“Exposure to aluminium may also occur from sources other than cosmetic products and a major source of aluminium in the population is the diet.”

To date, aluminium chlorohydrate is not regulated by Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009; however, aluminium zirconium chloride hydroxide complexes and aluminium zirconium chloride hydroxide glycine complexes are covered by entry 50 of the Cosmetics Regulation to be used in antiperspirants.

The opinion is open for comments until 17 February.

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