Eurofins - CRL Microbiology Laboratory Expansion


Eurofins - CRL is excited to announce the grand opening of a new Microbiology Laboratory in Austin, Texas!

Eurofins - CRL Microbiology Laboratory Expansion

Expanding both the capacity and capabilities of our Microbiology department. Running alongside our original location, which continues to offer high-complexity topical antiseptic in vitro and in vivo testing, our new microbiology laboratory is focused on preservative efficacy testing (PET), quality control and stability testing of cosmetics and personal care products.

Our new facility has allowed for the following exciting developments:

  • Preservative Efficacy Testing (PET) - Expanded frequency and throughput of capabilities – now offering study initiation within 3 business days of test material receipt. Test Methods: USP <51> PCPC M-3, ISO 11930, and EP methods.
  • CHG Compatibility Testing - Increased capacity.
  • Microbial Content Testing to support Lot Release - Increased capacity and improved TATs for microbiological examination of nonsterile products. Test Methods: USP <61> TAMC/TYMC evaluation along with USP <62> screening for objectionable organisms, and equivalent ISO/EP methods.
  • Cosmetic Stability and Package Compatibility Testing (New) – accelerated aging at elevated temperatures and humidity, cycling (freeze-thaw) testing, and real-time storage and assessment - evaluating appearance (color, texture, package integrity), odor/fragrance, weight loss, pH, viscosity, and microbial content.
  • Antimicrobial Textile Testing (New) – Test Methods - AATCC 100 and ISO 20743

As Eurofins | CRL continues to grow, our primary objective is to continue serving new and existing clients in an ever-changing industry and regulatory landscape. It is our privilege to aid in the development and deployment of your topical antiseptic, cosmetic, and personal care formulations. 

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