Eco Dropper, Lumson's new mono material dropper

Published: 27-Apr-2023

Shaping the future of cosmetic packaging with a focus on sustainability through elegant, functional, and environmentally-friendly solutions is Lumson’s mission, the Italian leader in primary cosmetics packaging that has recently launched a new monomaterial dropper on the market: Eco Dropper

Like much of the packaging and accessories created by Lumson, Eco Dropper falls into the category of eco-conscious beauty promoting ‘responsible, sustainable, and informed’ use. In fact, the company wants to do its part in ‘steering consumers towards mindful use of resources and more responsible, informed behaviour with regards to recycling’. Hence, Eco Dropper came about with the goal of combining technical function, performance, and ease-of-use with attention to the environment. This goal has been reached because even though the dropper is made of just one material to facilitate recycling once the product has been used up, it maintains the same performance and is as easy to use as ‘traditional’ droppers.

The collar and pipette are made of PP while the rubber bulb is polyolefin, a particular elastomer compatible with PP recycling methods. It’s a solution that simplifies recycling because once the product is finished, all of the components can be disposed of into the same recycling chain. For packaging that is 100% sustainable, Eco Dropper can be paired with PCR glass bottles.

If it’s true that “the biggest revolutions start from small day-to-day gestures”, then a dropper can make the difference for our planet. Lumson docet.

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