ESPA teams up with BodySPace to offer bespoke lifestyle advice

By Lucy Tandon Copp 14-Aug-2017

UK spa and fitness markets unite to offer consumers solutions to help with sleep, stress and mindfulness

British spa brand ESPA has collaborated with BodySPace to give guests at London’s Corinthia Hotel access to bespoke health and lifestyle services.

In September, guests will be able to sign up to programmes designed to help improve sleep, boost energy, enhance mindfulness and support long-term weight loss.

Programmes fall into four categories including: technology and science, fitness methods, nutrition and gut health, and fitness therapies and treatments.

For example, a guest looking to increase fitness will be able to sign up to one of five world firsts programmes including the BodySPace Transformation Programme.

Brand evolution

ESPA has long promoted the health benefits of massage and spa therapies. Founder Sue Harmsworth described the partnership as a “wonderful evolution” for the brand.

She said: “BodySPace is bringing a new, highly evolved fitness and nutrition offering which fits flawlessly within the existing ESPA Life offering. Having worked with Stephen for many years, he is a respected industry leader so it makes perfect sense for us to partner together."

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BodySPace is a new venture set up by Stephen Price and David Higgins, both established international fitness industry experts. Higgins is described as a global fitness pioneer, while Price is also the Founder of fitness-nutrition concept SP&Co.