DKSH strikes deal to distribute Malaysia’s Ivy beauty


Brands under the agreement include Leivy, Ive’s and Natifa

DKSH, a market expansion services provider, has been contracted by Malaysian cosmetics manufacturer Ivy Beauty Corporation to distribute and market its products domestically.

The company’s Consumer Goods business unit will be responsible for the marketing, sales, distribution and logistics of Ivy’s cosmetics brands, including Leivy, Ive’s and Natifa, in West Malaysia. Ivy is a halal cosmetics manufacturer and also creates two male grooming lines: Galaxy Man and Man Face Regimen.

DKSH has been active in Asia for several years. Back in 2010, DKSH was awarded a Supply Chain Excellence Award by L’Oréal for its services in Asia. Some of DKSH’s other clients in this region include: Induchem, Wacker, Tagra and Seven Scent.

Monica Wong, Managing Director of Ivy Beauty Corporation, said: “We are delighted to have come on-board with DKSH. With DKSH’s track record of strong category knowledge, proven commercial capabilities and exceptional capillary distribution network, we are confident of the growth opportunities ahead of us.”

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Lian Teng Hai, Vice President, Consumer Goods, DKSH Malaysia, added: “Our experience in providing market expansion services to personal care clients will widen the accessibility and availability of Ivy’s products in the channels. We see opportunities to extend this partnership regionally by leveraging on our deep local insights, existing product portfolio and strong presence in various markets.”

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