Cosphatec presents new raw material Cosphaderm Zinc Lactate natural

Published: 4-May-2021

Cosphaderm Zinc Lactate natural is a zinc salt derived from lactic acid

Cosphatec has been a very successful specialist in the natural stabilisation of cosmetic formulations for many years now, delivering high-quality raw materials and comprehensive service to its customers.

This new product demonstrates the company's innovative strength once again. Cosphaderm Zinc Lactate natural is a zinc salt derived from lactic acid that can be used in many different ways and is a real problem solver.

It exhibits outstanding antimicrobial properties against bacteria and yeasts. As a zinc salt, it also provides the anti-inflammatory properties that zinc is known for.

It also has deodorising effects. These properties make it an ideal component for deodorants, skin care and intimate care products. But it also offers good potential for use in oral care due to the good water solubility, which is important for its processing.

Its antioxidative properties also support developers in using fewer ingredients overall for their cosmetic product, lowering input concentrations and thereby meeting the latest developments in customer requirements.

With Cosphaderm Zinc Lactate natural, Cosphatec offers a raw material that can even win over newcomers and sceptics of alternative preservatives. Apart from the extensive product properties already mentioned, the product can also boast a very good price/performance ratio.

More detailed information and samples can be requested as of now.

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