Cosmogen and PYC Europe go green

Published: 11-Oct-2019

COSMOGEN has reinforced its offering of eco-Friendly packaging solutions and applicators, while PYC provides a turnkey range of airless bottles, also labeled ECOCERT.

As an expert in application solutions, Cosmogen has launched new packaging and applicators, made from PCR, natural and bio-based materials and FSC wood while reducing their quantity or offering refillable packaging. The PCR line and the partnership with Qualiform testify to this approach.

In the same time, PYC has developed 6 lines of ECOCERT labeled airless bottles. The brand will also facilitate supplying by setting up its own logistics platform in France.

Those offers take part to a strategy of triple social, environmental and economic performance, embodied and supported by a responsible and visionary innovation policy, in line with the deep motivations of COSMOGEN's and PYC’s employees as well as customers.

PYC-Europe has developed a turnkey PCR solution for its airless bottles. The brand will also facilitate supplies by setting up its own logistics platform in France. According to the references, pieces that can be made in PCR are the bottom, the body, the collar and / or the cap. PCR PP can represent up to 87% of the weight of the total packaging. PYC-Europe offers two standard blends according to the customer's choice: 35% PP PCR - 65% PP virgin, or 50% PP PCR - 50% PP virgin.

This ecofriendly approach, in line with market expectations, facilitates and accelerates the product development by providing an immediately operational solution. PYC-Europe will soon have a logistics platform in Europe to optimise supply chain processes.

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