Cosmewax upcycled cosmetics have been selected by cosmotrends 2023

Published: 30-Mar-2023

Cosmewax, the leading manufacturer of cosmetic and depilatory products for international brands, have been included in the Cosmotrends report with a super-sustainable serum for the second year in a row

This report analyses the main trends in the world of beauty by studying the most innovative products on the market chosen among the exhibiting companies at Cosmoprof Bologna. After analysing hundreds of candidates, BEUTYSTREAMS recognised Beyond Moisturising Serum as one of the most interesting trends in 2023.

Upcycled cosmetics, a trend for the future

Concern about climate change, together with the growing interest in the sustainability of cosmetics, has led to research into new ways of obtaining sustainable resources. This is when the upcycled cosmetics initiative arises, a trend based on recovering residues, that are a priori disposable, and giving them a new life.

Beyond Mositurising Serum was born with this initiative, responding to the interest of the younger generations in sustainable cosmetics. Cosmewax has formulated this product with industrial waste from food and beverage production (gin, apple juice, pink grapefruit extract and Betaine) to create a product full of recycled ingredients with skin care potential.

Why beyond moisturising serum is considered trendy

CosmoTrends has chosen Cosmewax's Beyond Moisturising Serum as one of the trend products in the cosmetics industry. Among the main reasons, it stands out that it is a super-sustainable product. It is a vegan and PEG-free solution based on circular beauty, a product with 100% recycled ingredients* that deeply and lastingly moisturises the skins of the Z generation. *Except for water and preservatives.

This Serum uses recycled active ingredients from the production of gin and apple juice, which have the potential to meet the needs of younger skins. The result is a moisturised, soothed, soft, smooth, healthy-looking skin without a sticky feeling, that prevents the first signs of aging.

Cosmewax's goal is to remain year after year at the forefront of cosmetic innovation to offer international brands and retailers effective and winning solutions that set trends and become benchmarks in their market.

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