Cosmetics Business reveals the 5 biggest skin care trends of 2019 in new report


Forget the buzzwords and jargon, skin care brands that rise above the noise with straight talk and transparency will win today's consumer

Market overview: At a glance

What's in this report?


Top 5 trends:

1. Diversity

2. Streamlined skin care

3. Surgical mimcry

4. Gen X: The forgotten consumer

5. Skin tech: Simulation and tracking devices

Country highlights

Summary & Growth Areas

Global skin care sector value & growth, 2018

Source: Euromonitor International

Source: Euromonitor International

Key market challenges addressed

An overcrowded segment brimming with overcomplicated jargon, skin care’s biggest challenge – and opportunity – is to cut through the noise and return to simplicity.

“In an industry that over the years has engulfed itself in buzzwords, straight talk should replace this,” says Abi Cleeve, founder of skinSense and Ultrasun.

“One size never did fit all, and we should make it easy for the customer to make informed decisions. The customer is expecting communication to be simple, straightforward and transparent. We as skin care brands have a responsibility to not only translate the INCI but explain how these ingredients are going to work and give results – a true reflection of the ingredient potency level and its delivery system. We have to be very clear in our messaging so that the consumer is getting what they expect.”

Global value & growth, 2018

“In an industry that over the years has engulfed itself in buzzwords, straight talk should replace this"

- Abi Cleeve, founder of skinSense and Ultrasun

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The pressure is on brands to be transparent not only...

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