Codex Beauty finds out how genetics affect the skin with ingredients database

By Becky Bargh | Published: 7-Apr-2020

In partnership with DNA testing site Orig3n, the database aims to help consumers make more informed skin care decisions

Targeted skin care brand Codex Beauty plans to help consumers understand how genetics affect their skin with the launch of a new ingredients database.

In partnership with Orig3n, a US-based DNA testing site, the company’s beauty test will analyse genes that are associated with various skin attributes such as dryness, fine lines, acne, inflammation and flakiness.

By using this information, it is anticipated that consumers will be better informed about the ingredients that are right for them.

“We are very excited to offer consumers new insights into their individual skin care needs through DNA testing,” a spokesperson for Codex Beauty said.

“Beauty consumers will be able to better match ingredients functionality with their personal needs in order to achieve more effective regimens.

“Codex will continue to develop future products based on tests that are available on the Orig3n beauty platform, in order to provide a complete set of solutions for consumers of all ages and skin types.”

Orig3n’s CEO Robin Smith said the database will provide “valuable” insights into customers’ skin care products and map the ingredients that work for them.

“We hope to provide consumers with the optimal results that they are searching for,” he added.

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