Clariant unveils ready-to-use formulations for personalised cosmetics

By Julia Wray | Published: 18-Mar-2022

The BeautyCraft Boosters collection will put consumers in ‘driving seat’

Clariant’s North America Personal Care team is offering beauty brands a range of individually customisable products with its new BeautyCraft Boosters Skincare and Cleansing options.

Each BeautyCraft Boosters collection features a base formula and multiple booster variants to enhance or change-up the functionality of the base, answering the end-consumer's desire for control.

The base formulas and boosters comprise a variety of mild functional ingredients and actives, such as the supplier’s GlucoTain Sense and GlucoTain Care (mild sugar surfactants) and antioxidant BioDTox.

The Cleansing collection lets the ‘not your basic cleanser’ base be transformed into a marshmallow-like detoxifying wash, a gentle facial scrub, a potent anti-frizz hair shampoo, or a pH balanced gel-to-oil intimate cleanser.

Meanwhile, the Skincare collection turns a daily hydrating gel serum into a skin energising morning moisturiser, a mattifying face lotion, an illuminating primer base, or a pollution protecting face and neck milk.

“Not every day is the same when it comes to a person’s skin or hair care needs,” said Tori Dunn, Applications Chemist at Clariant and the formulator behind the boosters.

“Our BeautyCraft Booster collections let brands put the consumer in the driving seat of their personal care regimen, giving the individual hands-on control over what’s important at a particular time.

“Simply by adding a few drops of a specific booster to a base moisturiser or cleanser that product will transform into a much-needed exfoliating scrub, a mattifying lotion, or even an anti-frizz rinse-off hair shampoo.”

A webinar to introduce the new range will be held on 31 March.

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