China’s SFDA approves Symrise’s SymWhite 377


Offers tyrosinase inhibitory and antioxidant activity

The Chinese State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) has approved SymWhite 377, a skin brightening active from supplier Symrise, as an ingredient for cosmetic applications. Symrise says the material [INCI: Phenylethyl resorcinol] was approved because of its high purity and extensive safety and toxicology profile.

SymWhite 377 is inspired by pinosylvin, a natural skin-brightening compound in pine, which exhibits tyrosinase inhibitory activity and antioxidant efficacy. A clinical study on Asian subjects showed 0.5% SymWhite 377 to be a more effective skin brightener than 1.0% kojic acid, while in-vitro tests showed that the material’s effect was not due to cytotoxicity.

“We wanted to create a product that incorporates various advantages,” explained Dr Gabriele Vielhaber, Senior VP, Global Business Unit Cosmetic Ingredients at Symrise. “SymWhite 377 combines innovation with product safety and market insights. That is why we are really pleased that the SFDA has approved our active component in China. Our customers that are active on the Asian market can now develop effective products that fulfil the wish for even and radiant skin and that give care and protection at the same time.”

CS Wong, Symrise\'s VP of Life Essentials Scent & Care, Asia Pacific, added: "We have received enquiries from all over China and I believe that with all these years of hard work, this product will eventually enter the whitening market with much awe."

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SymWhite 377 is suitable for use in face creams, BB creams, anti-dark spot cream for hands, post depilatory cream and deodorant.

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