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Ceramiracle launches world’s first ‘Ageless Café’ fusing food and beauty

By Becky Bargh | Published: 20-Nov-2017

Founder Eugene He tells Cosmetics Business exclusively what customers can expect from the Beverly Hills inspired space

Ceramiracle, the California-based brand, is opening the world's first first 3,500sqft 'ageless café' in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 28 November.

Besides a boutique and salon, with three treatment rooms, the café will also offer over 30 custom-blended organic teas, boasting herbs, fruits, tea leaves and coffee beans sourced from across the globe.

Founder Eugene He told Cosmetics Business: “For example, our First Light Signature Tea is made from collagen-boosting botanicals that are beneficial from skin health and skin youth. And a cup of the antioxidant-packed Spring Awakening will lavish you with a ravishing aura every time.”

To accompany its drinks, the café will also serve home-made low sugar cakes that contain skin loving ingredients such as the Black Charcoal Dark Chocolate cake – dubbed the 'detox cake’ – which features a black charcoal sponge and a layer of pure dark chocolate ganache served warm.

Behind the café is the Aesthetics Salon, boasting three generous treatment rooms named Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Malibu, all featuring monochromatic photography of iconic landmarks.

“Every treatment ends with a complimentary pot of tea at the cafe and we are finding customers typically spend at least two hours in our store,” said He.

Bringing Beverly Hills to Asia

Ceramiracle launches world’s first ‘Ageless Café’ fusing food and beauty

Ceramiracle’s founder Eugene He, grew up in Asia and moved to Santa Monica in later life.

When he returned he wanted to bring a touch of California back to his roots, he said: “Opening the first store outside the US in a way is returning back to my roots.

“Growing up in Asia, we were taught from young that what you eat reflects on your skin.

“I also wanted to introduce the beauty lifestyles of Beverly Hills to Asia, one that involves impeccable service, the latest technologies and an environment that is more than just aesthetically pleasing.

“We have been seeing Asian beauty trends becoming extremely popular here in the US. I wanted to do the reverse by introducing the Californian way of skin care to Asia and hopefully create a trend.”

The architecture of the store is intended to transport customers to the west coast of the US by combining California’s distinct areas into one experience.

The exterior is influenced by the designs of Rodeo Drive, while the interior is modelled on a Malibu beach house.

Bridging wellness and beauty

Ceramiracle launches world’s first ‘Ageless Café’ fusing food and beauty

The concept for the store was born from the brand’s debut product, the First Light Skin Supplement.

As a nutricosmetics company, He wanted to bridge the gap between wellness and beauty, and create a place where customers could combine the two.

Contrary to many beauty stores that give customers an array of skin care choices, Ceramiracle is offering customers just one treatment, The Celebrity Medifacial.

The facial as it is designed to leave customers without redness or swelling and achieve instant brightening effects.

He said: “At Ceramiracle, we wanted to create an environment where our customers feel stressless so there's no need to listen to a 30 minute sales pitch to figure out what treatment they should have.

“We also wanted to keep the treatment transparent, so it's one fixed price, with no inconspicuous add-ons during the treatment.”

The medifacial itself is inspired by a day out in Santa Monica. “The treatment starts with a 3D ultrasonic deep cleansing of the face,” He said.

“During the treatment, the machine makes a chirping sound not unlike the morning squawks of seagulls on the beach.

“Next is the Artic Light IPL rejuvenation treatment which feels like a painless shower of morning sun on the face.

“Following, we perform deep radiofrequency stimulation to lift and tone the contours of the face in waves.

“We end the treatment with an ice cold cryto-toning massage of the face.”

Leading nutricosmetics and topical skin care

Ceramiracle launches world’s first ‘Ageless Café’ fusing food and beauty

He is already working on the brand’s second store in Sabah, an East Malaysian state on the island of Borneo.

He also has plans for store in Taiwan, Myanmar and hopefully China in the near future.

“Our goal is for Ceramiracle to be the first and leading beauty brand to elegantly fuse the relationship between ingestible nutricosmetics and topical skin care solutions.

“Ceramiracle to us is more than just a beauty brand, but a lifestyle that embraces holistic beauty, that shares life's many miracles, on a foundation based on science and personal memories.”

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