Carrefour reinvents check-out experience


Retailer partners with smartphone apps to offer streamlined, queue-free service

Carrefour reinvents check-out experience

Carrefour has announced plans to change the way its customers pay for goods in store.

The french retailer is working with the makers of three smartphone apps in attempt to streamline the checkout process. Two solutions to the problem have been suggested: virtual queue systems or an appointment service for the till.

LineBerty is one of the apps involved. Its system allows customers to book a slot in order to pay for their shopping using a digital ticket. They will receive a notification a few minutes before their slot, at which point they will be able to accept and head to the till or decline and postpone for a later slot.

Minut’Pass offers a similar digital-ticket service for the till.

An alternative option is available through Je File, which offers customers a virtual queuing experience. They can monitor how their position in the queue via the app and will receive a notification when they are able to pay or postpone to pay at a later time.

The three apps are being tested in several stores across France in October and November this year. Employees in affected stores have been trained to offer the best possible service.

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This is the latest digital development from Carrefour, which already accepts Apple Pay and updated its stores with a single-queue concept in 2012.