CPL Aromas re-launches Aromaguard

The international fragrance house has provided Aromaguard to the industry for the last 20 years as a bespoke malodour counteractant technology

When we notice a bad odour we don’t smell just one scent, in fact we smell hundreds of component odour molecules. It’s this mix of molecules that make-up a unique malodour.

Aromaguard from CPL Aromas is a bespoke malodour counteractant technology. As each and every bad smell is completely unique, the Aromaguard solution is tailored to match a specific unpleasant smell.

This bespoke technology works by changing the brain’s perception of what the nose is smelling, making bad odours seem pleasant by neutralising the active malodour molecules and replacing them with the desired fragrance. Aromaguard guarantees a 70% reduction in malodour perception and can be used for a wide range of product areas: