CPL Aromas launch AromaCore Bio, its patented biodegradable encapsulation technology

Published: 24-Nov-2022

CPL Aromas, the independent, family-owned fragrance house, have launched an upgrade to its successful AromaCore fragrance encapsulation technology, which makes it biodegradable

The new sustainable patented technology, called AromaCore Bio, is now available for its existing and potential laundry customers.

Developed by CPL Aromas’ research chemists, AromaCore Bio delivers longer-lasting fragrance performance for laundry and fabric care applications, while also fulfilling their sustainability promise. Traditionally, fragrances are made in a way that means top notes fade quickly – leaving only base notes behind. AromaCore Bio provides a whole fragrance that remains active and smells wonderful for weeks.

This patented, vegan-friendly technology by CPL Aromas cleverly encapsulates the company’s fragrances within a biodegradable capsule wall, which can survive water and heat, but which breaks when dry. When the washed and dried garments are used, friction causes the capsules to open. This enables the fragrance to burst out, continuing to give a beautiful, long-lasting scent for much longer.

“We are happy to see all the hard work of our technical team for years result in this fantastic technology we have now patented”, said Tim Whiteley, Global R&D Director for the company. He added, “AromaCore Bio will allow our customers to deliver lasting fragrances while achieving their sustainability objectives“.

The tests carried out by the company in laundry applications show that AromaCore Bio matches or exceeds the outstanding performance of the previously established AromaCore capsules – making it the perfect combination of great smelling fragrance, a longer-lasting experience, and sustainability.

CPL Aromas’ team is looking forward to discussing their patented biodegradable encapsulation technology with their customers.

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