Brexit presents major challenge to personal care in the UK


Industry braces itself as impact of Brexit vote is revealed

The UK’s personal care and cosmetics industry faces uncertainty and potential future trade challenges with the European Union following the 52% to 48% referendum vote to leave on 23 June.

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“No longer being part of a single market for the free circulation of goods and no longer being a key player in the development of legislation governing those goods will be a major challenge to the cosmetics industry as it will be to all other sectors of the UK industry,” Chris Flower, Director-General of the UK’s CTPA, told SPC. He noted, however, that the overall challenges are difficult to assess at this early stage and may only become apparent when the current “effortless system of the single market” is discarded. Should negotiations begin to work out the separation between the UK and EU, the industry will be watching closely to ensure the maintenance of smooth trade is addressed. “This of course will be a priority concern for the cosmetics industry in the UK but possibly less so for the negotiators. We will need to ensure that in the search for overarching principles, our industry’s needs are not overlooked or sidelined,” Flower added.


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