“Biome friendly” natural prebiotic fiber with cross action activities

Published: 28-May-2021

JD’s new active natural fibre offers revolutionary properties in skin care applications

Consumers are increasingly seeking out natural and sustainable clean beauty, without compromising on efficacy. Jojoba Desert meets this need through the launch of JD Hydro Boost, a natural polysaccharide, prebiotic fiber suited to anti-aging applications and restorative skin care.

JD’s latest, all-natural offering comes to the market after 5 years of research and development, and marks the company’s first foray outside of Jojoba Oil-based ingredients.

JD Hydro Boost consists of 80% low molecular weight (average 700 Da), and 20% high molecular weight (average 1000 kDa). Repeated clinical and ex-vivo studies have demonstrated the fiber’s ability to penetrate the upper epidermal layers of the skin, promoting the activation of Extra-Cellular-Matrix mechanism, reformation, and secretion of Collagen-1.

JD Hydro Boost boasts the following game-changing benefits:

  • Promotes skin rejuvenation by accelerating epidermal turnover
  • Increases ECM remodeling by enhancing Pro-Collagen-1 secretion
  • Functions as an anti-aging agent, reducing wrinkles and providing revitalized skin appearance
  • Provides a skin barrier improvement
  • Increases skin surface hydration, performing as well as hyaluronic acid throughout in vivo studies
  • Keeps the natural balance of the microbiome of the skin.

JD Hydro Boost provides a deep moisturisation effect, aiding in the rejuvenation of skin cells, reduction of wrinkles, and demonstrates ‘biome-friendly’ qualities,” explains Lee Reuveni, CEO of Jojoba Desert.

JD Hydro Boost is a natural skin performance and appearance enhancer, and leads to many exciting possibilities for well-aging and restorative skin care.”

For more information and supporting studies, please visit www.jojobadesert.com/product/jd-hydro-boost.

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