Biomarker beauty: How blood testing is advancing personalised supplements

By Jo Allen | Published: 21-Feb-2023

Questionnaire-based programmes kicked off personalisation, but this next step can offer real-time tweaks

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Much like the beauty category itself, supplements can be a baffling space for consumers to navigate, and across both industries it’s a problem that brands have been attempting to solve through personalisation.

The rise of AI technology and skin care diagnostic tools in partnership with manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing in supplements has, says Sam Murton, founder and CEO of Be for Innovation, helped to create compelling personalised launches to support consumers find the right product for them.

“Most customers will have experienced standing in a store facing rows and rows of vitamins or skin care, not knowing where to start,” she says.

It is a need that inspired Neutrogena to partner personalised vitamin brand Nourished to launch 3D-printed skin customised gummy supplements that are created on-demand using information generated by a digital skin assessment by Neutrogena’s Skin360 app, which it showcased at CES at the start of the year.

Desiree Dowe, Marketing Director, Future of Skin Health at Neutrogena, says: “Given the increase in options, navigating holistic wellness can feel overwhelming and as a result we see consumers craving expert direction.

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