BioAktive launches BSP Sourcing


BioAktive launches BSP Sourcing

BioAktive, a leading supplier of plant based functional ingredients for personal care, has announced the launch of BSP Sourcing (, spinning off the company's sourcing and solutions business under this new brand.

In line with a host of changes at the company, the leadership has decided to refocus the core portfolio of products for BioAktive brand of ingredients, and to conduct the company's other business, including sourcing, commodities and solutions under the BSP brand.

This move allows the BioAktive brand to focus on targeted plant based functional ingredients for skin care and the sourcing and solutions side of the business to stand as its own brand and allow for its growth and expansion without affecting brand perception for BioAktive's core portfolio.

BioAktive sourcing business has existed since the early days of its business, growing organically from the company's existing partnerships. This move marks a new phase of growth for the sourcing and solutions business, now BSP Sourcing, to leverage the company's presence in Asia and broad network of suppliers.

"We got into sourcing when our distributors and end users asked us for help on products that were not in our portfolio," say Robin Willmann.

"Eventually this grew and with our presence in China, we expanded into a variety of industry segments and also included a range of solutions. We have done everything from custom manufacturing to auditing facilities to complete turn key solutions for our customers."

"The development of sourcing and solutions has been great," says Solomon Matzner.

"But it creates a bit of confusion for our different customer base. We didnt plan on growing this business. It kind of grew itself and now it's ready to stand on its own. We have some great suppliers and quality products with great pricing advantage."

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BSP Sourcing will provide sourcing services in a range of industry segments including cosmetics, nutrition, life sciences and specialty chemicals. BSP Sourcing is also providing supply chain solutions for companies from market research to turn key solutions for supply chain management.