Bell looks at fragrance inspirations for 2019

Published: 15-Jan-2019

Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA focuses on revitalising popular topics

Looking at the fragrance trends of the new year, well-known themes with new interpretations will become very popular. Impulses can be found in different familiar concepts ranging from "Vive la France" to the Pantone Colour of the Year.

In its trend forecast, the fragrance and aroma house Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA particularly emphasises the distinctive sense that is essential for extraordinary compositions. Previously hidden facets of France, the new positive image of hemp, inner peace and coral, as a trend colour, serve as inspirations for new fragrance creations.

Rediscovering France

No other country stands for luxury and elegance like France. French cuisine has just undergone a revival with young Michelin-starred chefs, and this wave of change is now continuing into cosmetics and household care. The focus here is on the jewels of the breath-taking landscapes between Brittany and the Côte d'Azur: alongside lavender in exciting variations, e.g. with truffles, the popularity of sea fennel and oleander as plants less used in cosmetics has increased.

Up to now, the former was mainly found in the gourmet kitchen and its appearance is reminiscent of algae. The fresh yet bitter-salty scent of the umbellifer is not only perfect for personal care products, but also for detergents.

Whereas sea fennel, due to its exotic character, is primarily used solo, the opulent scent of oleander are mainly found in combination with other nuances. For example, with notes of sparkling champagne, the floral fragrance turns into a harmonious combination that provides a refreshing variety in everyday life.

Hemp Revamped

Bell looks at fragrance inspirations for 2019

It is not only in the new interpretation of France that plants play a major role. While only a few years ago hemp could only be mentioned behind closed doors, the useful and ornamental plant is now becoming more present than ever in the beauty segment.

Manufacturers of personal care products take advantage of the beneficial properties of this natural product, rather than of plant parts containing THC. Hemp is said to strengthen the immune system and fight skin diseases.

Rich in nutrients and vital substances, this product is particularly recommended for sensitive skin, as it is said to strengthen the skin's moisture barrier. Hemp thus has the best basis to further establish itself as a trend.

A little luxury in everyday life with "Me Time"

Bell looks at fragrance inspirations for 2019

In our fast-moving world, moments of relaxation are an important commodity. Fragrances help to find inner peace and time for yourself - the so-called "Me Time". Both fresh and slightly spicy notes, which are also used in aromatherapy, are suitable for this purpose.

Generally, soft and soothing fragrances that are neither too sweet nor too dominant are effective. Here, harmony plays an omnipresent role. The aim is always to create a well-balanced blend of relaxing fragrances.

They support "Me Time" by wrapping the man or woman in a soft layer of scent and thereby harmonising body and mind. The holistic approach of this trend allows it to be applied not only to personal care products but also to air fresheners and candles.

”Living Coral" - a dignified colour in new splendour

Bell looks at fragrance inspirations for 2019

Not only when it comes to "Me Time" does one rely on the tried and true. Even the artists of the Renaissance knew how to stylishly stage the colour coral. The bright red-orange hue was particularly indispensable for jewellery. The renowned Pantone Institute has chosen "Living Coral" as the Colour of the Year for 2019 - a tone that best reflects the spirit of the time.

In their explanation, they state that this life-affirming coral red with golden undertones shows the perfect combination of the natural and digital realities. It is a comforting colour that is found both in nature and has a vivid presence on social media. Bell's perfumers have been using the ubiquitous colour as inspiration for new compositions ranging from summery-maritime notes to floral-powdery nuances, which are ideal for cosmetics, fine fragrances and trendy household care products.

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