Bell EMEA presents air care trends and innovative candle technology


Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA introduces its latest fragrance collection for scented candles and reed diffusers coming with the slogan "Breathe. Escape. Enjoy.”

The compositions present themselves as different in character as the facets of life and cover elegant and earthy notes as well as intense fruity profiles.

Manufacturers also benefit from Scenti Master Batch, a carrier material that Bell developed specifically for scented candles.

Fragrances to feel alive

The more turbulent and uncertain the times are, the more important the private sphere becomes. People focus on the essentials: family, home, community. They breathe and develop a peaceful environment at home.

Natural materials express this feeling as much as soft, neutral colours. From an olfactive perspective, it is especially elegant fragrances that suit this feeling. Compositions of lily of the valley and fig, but also jasmine and sandal interpret the imperfect beauty that the theme implies.

On the other hand, there is a desire to ESCAPE the daily grind. The longing towards mysterious, distant lands, and also the origins of one's own homeland respond to the deep inner thirst for fulfilment.

From an olfactive point of view, this is reflected by the warm notes of earthy spices. Thus, woody cinnamon notes meet extraordinary lavender mint compositions in this collection.

Ultimately, everybody wants to enjoy life in all its facets and focus on the positive moments. The intense fragrances of ripened peaches, red berries or even orange, prickly pear, and lychee represent this hunger for life on an olfactive level.

Scented Candles without an oily film: Scenti Master Batch

Scenti Master Batch represents a fragrance delivery system that had been specifically developed for candles. It enhances the intensity of scented candles due to the possibility of incorporating dosages over five percent and the characteristic of not losing any oil.

This is beneficial for the lifetime of the product and consumers benefit from a candle that releases its fragrances only after being lit. Last but not least, scented candles manufactured with Scenti Master Batch stand out due to their efficient and even burning.

Scenti Master Batch is available either in the form of a block or as pastilles. The latter is even easier to process as they melt more quickly, and as the material is not flammable, storage is convenient as well.

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