Bell EMEA introduces fragrance collection for scented candles and reed diffusers

Published: 17-Sep-2020

The new fragrances have been inspired by the mantra ‘Breathe. Escape. Enjoy’

Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA has launched a new fragrance collection for scented candles and reed diffusers under the slogan ‘Breathe. Escape. Enjoy’.

Compositions under ‘Breathe’ have been developed to provide a peaceful environment at home, says Bell. This is reflected in lily of the valley and fig compositions, as well as jasmine and sandalwood.

‘Escape’, meanwhile, evokes distant, mysterious lands and incorporates notes of earthy spices, such as cinnamon, alongside lavender and mint compositions.

Finally, ‘Enjoy’ claims to evoke positive moments. Here, intense fragrances of ripened peaches, red berries, orange, prickly pear and lychee are said to represent hunger for life on an olfactory level.

Bell additionally notes that manufacturers can benefit from its Scenti Master Batch, a carrier material that Bell has developed specifically for scented candles.

The fragrance delivery system is said to enhance the intensity of scented candles thanks to its allowing dosages of more than 5% and its characteristic of not losing any oil.

Scenti Master Batch – available in block or pastille form – is claimed to impart efficient and even burning to candles for the full product lifetime.

Consumers, meanwhile, benefit from a candle that only releases its fragrance when lit.

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