Beauty specialist Warpaint London lands retail deal on-shelf at wilko

By Becky Bargh | Published: 5-Jun-2020

The household goods chain is expected to stock around 200 products from the cosmetics company’s Technic and Body Collection brands

The owner of W7 and Technic brands, Warpaint London, has landed a retail deal with high street store chain Wilko.

From mid-September the household goods retailer – formerly known as Wilkinson – is expected to stock around 100 of Warpaint’s Body Collection products at 355 of its UK stores.

More than 100 Technic branded products will also be available in 189 stores nationwide.

“I am delighted that we have reached an agreement with wilko to stock our Body Collection and Technic ranges,” said Sam Bazini Warpaint’s CEO.

“This is the latest development in our strategy to increase the presence of the Group’s brands with leading retailers in the UK and internationally.

“Wilko, with their UK-wide presence and focus on providing quality products that solve their customers’ needs, is an ideal retail partner for Warpaint.”

According to Warpaint, the products will be displayed in bespoke stands in-store and will be available via

“The agreement with wilko comes on the back of the successful start to sales of the group’s W7 products through Tesco and we look forward to reaching agreements with other leading retailers to stock the group’s products in due course,” added Bazini.

She also said that Warpaint would be focusing on its retail strategy going forward.

“Significant parts of the UK remain largely unexploited by Warpaint and we continue to seek new channels through which to sell our products,” added Bazini.

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