Beauty influencer feuds fuel Reddit user figures in 2019

By Sarah Parsons 5-Dec-2019

Online drama between vloggers dominated the forum website over the past 12 months

Tati Westbrook's now removed 'Bye Sister' video earned over 50 million views
Image: via YouTube

High profile feuds between mega-influencers have boosted subscribers on community forum platform Reddit in 2019.

The platform released its 2019 Year in Review, which highlighted its most popular communities over the past 12 months across beauty, food, politics, parenthood, entertainment and wellness.

According to Reddit, subscribers to beauty forums grew by 63% year-on-year.

Beauty influencer controversies fuelled subscriber figures to the popular forum Beauty Guru Chatter, which soared by 87%.

Reddit’s most popular cosmetics community overall was Skin Care Addiction, which hit more than one million subscribers.

Acne, cleansing, AHA, ageing and cystic acne were the top skin care topics discussed.

Cerave was named the most discussed cosmetics brand on the website, followed by Neutrogena, Clinique, Glossier and Cetaphil.

Meanwhile, hauls, highlighter, bangs (fringes), collagen and glossy proved to be the most talked about trends.

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As a company, Reddit’s monthly active users have increased by 30% to 430 million since October and the website has received more than 1.7 billion comments.

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