Beat sensitive skin with Heaven’s new dock cream

Published: 28-Apr-2021

The cream is said to quickly calm irritation, even-out tone and tackle sensitivity issues

Hot on the heels of Heaven Skincare’s award-winning Nettle Venom collection is the latest vegan must-have for sensitive skin. Brand founder Deborah Mitchell has launched her restorative Dock Cream to quickly calm irritation, even-out tone and tackle sensitivity issues, all using ingredients gifted by nature.

This new plant-powered skin saviour uses a clever combination of yellow and green dock leaves, collected on Deborah’s doorstep in the Shropshire countryside, as well as vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant. It works by harnessing the power of our own interferons – proteins that are produced by a variety of cells – to reinforce skin from the inside out, soothing breakouts, irritation, rosacea and eczema.

“You know that feeling when you wake up and your skin feels sore or sensitive? You shouldn’t be able to actually ‘feel’ your skin; there shouldn’t be any sensation because where there is it means it is over-sensitive. This is your skin’s way of telling you it needs help and that’s where my new Dock Cream comes in,” explains royal facialist Deborah.

“Because it contains natural anti-histamine it blocks the receptors of your own healing system to tell you that you skin is already healed. Basically it gives your skin gets a well-earned break and does the hard work instead.”

Created during lockdown, Deborah says one of the reasons for launching her latest vegan must-have was due to the fact that so many of her clients were complaining about “maskne” (mask acne).

“Sometimes your skin tries to over-do it, especially now that we are all wearing face coverings which can lead to break-outs, blemishes, rashes and even acne. To combat this use Dock Cream every day on thoroughly cleansed skin for two weeks then twice a week to keep irritation at bay.

“You can also combine it with my Nettle Venom Anti-Aging Cream because together they mark a new era of vegan skincare. Apply Nettle Venom in the morning and Dock Cream before bed to trick your skin into thinking it’s been damaged, which of course it hasn’t been, and then cured. The cumulative effect of this is a healthy and healed complexion.”

Heaven Skincare’s exclusive Dock Cream is priced at £73 and is available online now at

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