Bath and shower formulations meeting new trends


This batch of bath and shower product formulations covers a range of trends including those for free-from, certified natural and solid bar cleanser products

Cosmetics Business rounds up the latest bath and shower product formulations, meeting trends for free-from, certified natural and solid cleanser products.

From free-from, certified natural and solid cleanser products – here are four active formulations:

Formulation 1

With microbeads no longer an option for exfoliating body products, Oat Cosmetics suggests a shower gel containing its Oat BioBeads: a biodegradable alternative with a similar look and feel.


Into the main vessel add water, disodium EDTA and glycerin, and start the mixer on a fast speed. Mix until fully dispersed. Turn down the mixer to a slow speed. Into the main vessel add Cetpro Thix SF1 and Texapon N70 (25% solution), and mix until homogeneous. Into the main vessel add sodium hydroxide. Mix slowly until the product becomes clear and homogeneous. Into the main vessel add Glydant Plus Liquid, Oat BioBeads (Green M) and cocamidopropyl betaine. Mix until homogeneous.

Formulation 2

This shower gel formulation from Blagden Personal Care contains Liposine Glyglu/R from Maycos and is COSMOS-compliant.


Combine phase A ingredients together and stir until a homogeneous solution forms at room temperature. Add water slowly under continuous stirring and then add cocamidopropyl betaine. Add citric acid solution to adjust pH until desired viscosity is achieved.

Formulation 3

Innospec is the supplier to thank for this Charcoal Cleansing Bar formulation, with a neutral pH for mildness. Tea tree oil and activated charcoal help detoxify and cleanse skin on the face and body, while the solid texture ties in nicely with consumer demand for environmentally friendly products.


Step-wise add all components to the amalgamator and mix well. Using a plodder, make one pass of the material through a pelletising screen and then another pass through a refining screen as necessary to mix the ingredients. Extrude the material through an extrusion plate to form a billet. Cut billet to desired length of bar. Use soap press to stamp bar into final form.

Formulation 4

Feel Good Shower Milk (MPF) is a creamy, microplastic and sulfate-free shower lotion as suggested by Rahn.

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Mix ingredients of phase A and stir until a clear solution results. Mix ingredients of phase B and stir. Add phase B to A and homogenise strongly by Ultra-Turrax until a homogeneous white emulsion is created. Add phase C to adjust pH value to 7-7.5.

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