BESIL represents high-quality silicones for personal care

Published: 31-Aug-2016

New for 2016 are BELSIL PF 200, BELSIL DM 5102 E, BELSIL REG 102 and BELSIL REG 1102

The BELSIL trademark represents an extensive range of high-quality silicones especially intended for personal care applications.

The functionalised silicones' applications include hair and skin care products, skin cleansing, decorative cosmetics and deodorants.

Depending on requirements, the addition of BELSIL products imparts specific properties: soft hand, velvety surface, gloss, hold, colour intensity, and long-lasting or moisturising effects – to name but a few.

High quality and great care in developing and manufacturing products of the BELSIL series guarantees highly efficient and reliable formulations. Whether in hair or skin care products or decorative cosmetics, BELSIL offers customised effects for market-ready and competitive end products.

New for 2016 are BELSIL PF 200, a self-emulsifying phenyl silicone fluid for high shine and BELSIL DM 5102 E dimethicone emulsion for soft, easy to comb hair.

Also new for 2016 are BELSIL REG 102, a fast-drying silicone resin elastomer gel for soft skin feel and BELSIL REG 1102, a silicone resin elastomer gel for lasting sensorial feel.

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