Aurelia and Gallinée among Skin Trust Club’s new brand partners

By Julia Wray | Published: 1-Mar-2022

The skin microbiome testing service launched in 2021 to empower consumers to purchase the products most suitable for their skin

Skin testing service Skin Trust Club has joined with a series of brands that will allow it to provide product recommendations for users following skin microbiome analysis.

Tula Skincare, Aurelia London, Gallinée Microbiome Skincare, Plantkos, Esse, High Beauty, Nunaïa, Be+Radiance, Better For You Wellness and Dermala, have all signed up as partners, according to the business.

A division of DeepVerge and powered by lab-grown human skin specialist Labskin, Skin Trust Club launched in 2021 with the aim of empowering customers with knowledge of their exact skin profile.

The Skin Trust Club app is said to take advantage of the correlation between the skin microbiome and skin health.

The technology identifies the ecological composition of all bacteria living on the skin and then, combining that data with a number of metadata points, such as health, diet, medications etc, as well as environmental data like UV index and pollution levels, unique algorithms allow Skin Trust Club to suggest a personalised skin care routine, tailored to users’ skin needs.

The newly announced partners will form part of the portfolio of suggestions.

Niamh O’Kennedy, Group Marketing Officer at Labskin, commented: “We’re really excited to see so many prestigious brands sign their name to be part of the offering.

“We’re not only recommending them to our base, but they can run their own 'mini clinical trials' and finally see the impact the largest skin microbiome database in the world can have on skin science and their own research.”

She added: “Every partner, before they achieve our approval, must pass a rigorous criteria to demonstrate their ethics and performance. From being cruelty free to having a balance of the best ingredients that will support an individual’s microbiome, we’re confident that every partner can give the best results for our customers.”

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