Ashland introduces sclareance bio-functional natural sclareolide through biotechnology to visibly limit the appearance of dandruff

Published: 17-Nov-2022

Company adds natural ingredient powered by AI to the line of biotHAIRapy biofunctionals for scalp care while furthering corporate ESG agenda

Ashland has launched sclareance™ biofunctional, extracted from the company’s owned clary sage fields in the United States where the flowers are bio-transformed using non-GMO biotechnology. It is the second biofunctional to be developed by Ashland with artificial intelligence (AI) for health and wellness in scalp care and helps reduce the appearance of dandruff restoring a healthy scalp.

“Stress can manifest on our bodies in different ways, including our scalp,” said Anne Clay, marketing and business development manager, biofunctionals and naturals, Ashland. “Consumers are increasingly seeking scalp facials to intentionally address scalp health and combat dandruff. Using white biotechnology to activate ingredients for scalp care, Ashland can amplify the efficacy of our customers’ products and applications.”

This is the second time Ashland is using artificial-based bioinformatics to predict the biological efficacy of sclareolide. The company’s solvers discovered that sclareolide could help skin activate vitamin D function and restore a healthy scalp through clinical trials on volunteers shown to visibly reduce the appearance of dandruff and contribute to the naturality and integrity of customers’ products.

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