Arbonne’s beauty recycling scheme goes global

By Becky Bargh 5-Jan-2021

In partnership with TerraCycle, the scheme allows customers to return their hard-to-recycle beauty packaging to be repurposed by Arbonne

Arbonne’s beauty recycling scheme goes global

Beauty brand Arbonne has expanded its recycling programme to its global beauty markets.

Dubbed ArbonneCycle, in partnership with TerraCycle, the initiative allows beauty consumers to return their hard-to-recycle items, including those that cannot be recycled via local roadside collection, in order for Arbonne to repurpose them.

To use the service, customers can order a prepaid return envelope that sends the items back to Arbonne to be recovered.

Once filled, the products can be dropped off at a Royal Mail shipping provider and posted free of charge.

Arbonne packaging, including pumps, cars, jars, applicators and wrappers, can be returned in the prepaid parcel.

According to the brand, following the scheme’s launch in the US last year, the programme collected more than 210,000 units of packaging in the country alone.

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From December, the initiative is available to consumers in Canada, Australia, Poland, New Zealand and the UK.