Ancora invests in US beauty brand Indie Lee


Ancora Investment Holdings continues to invest in health, beauty and wellness brands that it considers to have an ‘authentic’ voice

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Indie Lee, a US beauty and lifestyle brand, has received an investment from Ancora Investment Holdings.

With a focus on clean beauty, Indie Lee meets the company’s criteria for investment; Ancora only invests in brands that it believes have an authentic voice or ‘raison d’être’.

Lori Perella Krebs and Nicky Kinnaird, founding partners of Ancora Investment Holdings, said: “Ancora is looking to support creators of truly authentic, difference-making ideas and brands in the health, beauty and wellness realms.

“We are excited to work with people who are uncompromising in their vision and ready to take that vision to the next level. People like Indie Lee."

Indie Lee is a self-proclaimed ‘eco-chic’ brand specialising in skin care and body care products.

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The brand places emphasis on educating consumers about the potential health risks of certain ingredients in cosmetics and has a dedicated section on its website to ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ingredients.