Agebiotics: A new approach to skin’s microbiome with anti-ageing properties

An agebiotic is a prebiotic metabolised by the commensal cutaneous microbiota enhancing the release of ageless postbiotics

Æon or Eon in Latin means vital force and eternity which comes from the Ancient Greek God of the ages and time, Aion, also known as Chronos.

This term was also used in the allegory of the cave by philosopher Plato to denote the world behind the perceived. As a simile, the skin’s microbiota, with more than 7,000 species, is the unseen world behind the secret for a youthful skin appearance that unlocks Æonome for us.

Discover the hidden secret of an ancient underwater cave located in Mallorca’s Island, which access is restricted to only researchers. This cave has remained preserved and protected from outside for more than 3 million of years with a unique microbial community.

Exploring the cave’s labyrinthic galleries, Æonome, unveils itself as an agebiotic, a new approach to skin’s microbiome to unlock ageless properties. So, what is an agebiotic?

The study of skin’s microbiota is a labyrinthic cave yet to be fully discovered. Nowadays there are many approaches to skin microbiota:

  • Prebiotics – substrate for microorganisms
  • Probiotics – alive helpful microorganisms
  • Postbiotics – metabolites from microorganisms
  • Agebiotics – Prebiotics for skin microbiota enhancing the release of ageless postbiotics.

More in depth, an agebiotic is a prebiotic metabolized by the commensal cutaneous microbiota enhancing the release of ageless postbiotics.

Æonome, as an agebiotic, induces the release of antioxidants by a balanced microbiota protecting skin from visible signs of aging. Æonome is metabolised by the commensal cutaneous microbiota enhancing the production and release of antioxidant metabolites (e.g. coumaric acid), protecting the skin cells from oxidative stress.

Thus, it increases the ability of keratinocytes to produce ageless proteins involved in skin integrity, dermo-epidermal junction cohesion and endogenous antioxidants.

Additionally, Æonome’s agebiotic efficacy reinforces the antioxidant protection of the microbiota of the skin cells’ ageless force, improving rugosity, wrinkles and hydration.

The reveal of this hidden secret unlocks the unique opportunity to discover the agebiotic power of Æonome for an ageless beauty. Ready to join the adventure?

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