A Step-by-Step Guide To Lash Lift/ Lash Lamination

Published: 25-Jan-2023

An experienced lash artist is aware that mascara alone does not always produce the desired results. Eyelash extensions are easy beauty fix, but they can cost a lot and need constant maintenance. As a significantly more natural and low-maintenance alternative, lash lifting fills this void

You should offer lash lifts if your clientele is interested in a quick and relatively inexpensive method of enhancing the look of their lashes, or if clients allergic/ sensitive to eyelash extensions adhesive. By keeping this reference close at hand, you will be ready to offer this highly sought-after service to your patrons.

Understanding Lash Lift

The natural eyelashes are curled upward and lifted from the base in a lash lift, creating the appearance of longer, fuller, curlier, and more defined lashes. This semi-permanent treatment can keep your natural eyelashes curled for up to two months without the need for daily tools or makeup.

Lash Lift Process

The natural curl and definition of your client's lashes can be greatly improved by performing a lash lift. Becoming a professional lash artist is an easy endeavour that requires only a few basic steps.

1. Examine the Client's Eyelashes

Before beginning the lash lifting procedure, it is important to assess the client's lashes and determine how much time will be needed for the lifting and setting processes. To ensure a successful lash lift, you must first ensure that your client's lashes are clean and free of any debris, oils, or cosmetics.

2. Position the Pads

Make sure the eye pads are evenly distributed and flat against the skin by placing them over the lower eyelids of your client and gently smoothing them out. Covering the lower lids first allows you to move on to the upper lids.

Use curved silicon pads, lash lift shields, and rods made to fit the shape of the upper eyelid for this step. Lift your upper eyelid slightly, and then place the silicone shield over your eye, right above the lash line. Get rid of any wrinkling or creasing.

3. Lash Adhesive Application

The bonding solution, also known as lash lift adhesive, must be applied at the back of lash lift shields/rods with a small brush or applicator. Or if you have NEW Generation Silicone Lash Lift Shields, which don’t require lift glue, you are winning. Then use the brush or applicator to apply lash lift glue on the rod/lash lift shield and gently press natural lashes against the silicon pads until they are fully adhered, and the lashes are lying flat against the pads. Natural lashes can get tangled up in the bristles if they are not brushed thoroughly.

4. Lotion 1

There are specific procedures that must be followed for optimal outcomes. First, depending on the condition of client’s natural lashes, cover the middle third of their length. To avoid getting lotion on lash roots or tip of natural lashes, apply it a thin layer farther out. The recommended processing time is 9-14 minutes, but this can vary depending on the thickness and condition of the natural eyelashes.

For extremely robust lashes, no more than 15 minutes of processing time is recommended. Keep the lotion away from eyes, as it may cause irritation, allergic reactions. For this reason, it is recommended to conduct a patch test at least 24 hours before the treatment to rule out the possibility of an allergic response.

5. Lotion 2

Once the first lotion has been removed very well, using as many as needed lip applicators etc, the second lotion must be applied at exactly same area as first lotion was applied. Lotion 2 can also be applied to the lashes with a small brush or applicator, just like Lotion 1, and in the same manner. After applying Lotion 2, you should wait a less time as you waited for Lotion 1. There is a formula, which has to be explained during lash lift training.

6. Silicone Pads Removal

A Lotion 3 used on sponge applicator or a tiny brush will help you carefully lift the lashes from the shields. Our Keratin Lotion No. 3 can also be used to remove stubborn lashes from the lift rod. The lashes can easily be broken or damaged if you pull or tug on them.

Work from the base of your lashes up to the tips, using a gentle, sweeping motion to lift them away from the pads. If you do not get rid of every last bit of the solutions, you could end up with irritation or other issues. To remove shields from the eye lid if you used lft adhesive- please remove using damp sponge applicators and clean eye lid very well, so there no residue of glue!

7. Lash Tint Application

As tinting is not necessary step, you can skip it. If client wants lash lift and tint, tint must be applied before you remove lift shields! Applying lash tint involves coating the lashes with the tint using a small brush or applicator and making sure to get a consistent layer of tint mixed with oxidant across the lashes. Depending on the product used and the desired level of colour saturation, the tinting process can take up to 5 minutes after a lash lift or lamination.

8. Tint Removal

In order to apply Keratin Lotion 3 after cleansing, you can either use dry cotton swabs or our bamboo applicators. Use the cotton buds or bamboo applicators to gently sweep the tint off the lashes in a back-and-forth motion. Use as many applicators as needed, after cleaned properly, apply Lotion 3.

It is important to reach the lashes all the way to their bases without tugging or pulling, as this can cause them to break. It may take some time to get all of the tint off, so be patient and careful as you work.

9. Lash Plump Application

Maintaining healthy, strong lashes after a lash lift treatment is essential for looking your best and getting the most out of your investment. Using a tiny brush or applicator, apply the lush plump to your lashes so that they are completely covered. In the wake of the lash plump's absorption, after 3-5 minutes, remove the lash plump with a dry bamboo applicator or lip applicator.

Tips for Maintaining Lash Lifts

In order to get the best results from the treatment, clients should wait at least 24 hours before getting their lashes wet.

Cleaning the lashes should be done gently, without any scrubbing or rubbing motions.

Make the switch to a gentle, oil-free cleanser. Moreover, for the first 48 hours after the lift, clients should not use oil-based products near the lashes, as this can dissolve the bonding solution and weaken the lift. Regular application of a nourishing agent formulated for use on lash perming can help keep the lashes supple and hydrated after the treatment.

Your clients can preserve the results of their lash lift treatment and maintain beautiful, lifted lashes without compromising the lash growth cycle by following these aftercare instructions.

There Are Many Benefits Getting Eyelashes Lifted

Lifting one's eyelashes is a common cosmetic procedure that can make one's lashes appear longer and thicker, curlier. The following are some advantages of lash lifting:

Results that look natural: Unlike with extensions or false lashes, lash lifting uses the client's own natural lashes, so the effect is subtler and more unobtrusive.

Results from lash lifting can last for weeks, allowing customers to enjoy the appearance of longer lashes without the hassle of daily upkeep.

A lash lift is a simple procedure that can be performed in a day at the spa or salon. If a client wants longer lashes but does not want to deal with the maintenance of extensions or false lashes, this is a great option.

Low upkeep: lash lifting requires very little care after the initial treatment. It is easy for customers to maintain healthy, robust lashes by simply cleaning and conditioning their lashes. And good news for Mascara lovers- you can wear Mascara after 48 hours from treatment.

Changeable: Eyelash enhancements can be altered to achieve the desired aesthetic effect. The curl produced by the lift can be varied in intensity to suit the individual' s taste.

Flawless Lashes Lash Lift Kits

We have lash lift kits that include everything you need to help your clients achieve gorgeous, lifted lashes. Flawless Lashes sells a variety of eyelash curling kits, including the ones listed below.

Lift Rods – These rods are made of soft silicone so that they will not hurt your clients' eyelids. You can comb your lashes into the desired shape with the aid of lift rods and lash lift glue.

Lash Lift Glue – When you use our water-soluble adhesive, your lashes will stay firmly attached to the silicone rod that provides the lift.

Lift Tool – It works wonderfully for separating and styling lashes.

Lotion No. 1 – To prepare the hair cuticles for Lotion 2, apply a 1–2 mm layer of the lashes, working from the roots up.

Lotion No. 2 – Boosts pliability, making it easier to form eyelashes to one's liking.

Lotion No. 3 – Gets rid of the sticky or greasy residue that some products can leave behind.

Lash Plump – A combination of keratin, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and nourishing oils, Flawless Lash Plump (also known as lash botox or lash filler) helps natural lashes improve in health, strength, and thickness.

Keratin Tint - With one pump of our convenient bottle, you can release the tint, cream developer, and nourishing keratin treatment all at once.


What are the prerequisites for beginning lash lift treatments? 

A lash lift service can be offered by anyone who has taken and passed a course at a reputable lash academy. The various lash lifts, their applications, and the necessary precautions must be studied. Offering lash lift services requires extensive preparation, including the comprehensive online training provided by Flawless Lashes. Our courses do not presuppose any sort of beauty-related qualification on the part of the student.

Does getting your lashes lifted damage your natural lashes?

If performed by a qualified technician, lash lifts pose no risk to the health of your eyelashes. If your lash lift is done poorly or by someone without experience, you may be disappointed with the results. However, everything is fine if it is done properly by an accredited expert.

Can I perform a lash lift on myself?

No. Doing a lash lift on one's own is not recommended. To begin, lash lift kits are not governed by any laws, and the procedure should only be performed by trained lash lift specialists.

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