AS Watson celebrates 175th anniversary with charity video


Company launches “project LOL” digital campaign in Hong Kong

AS Watson has celebrated its 175th anniversary with two new digital campaigns. Under the company’s “Project LOL” initiative, the campaign aims to highlight the company’s philanthropy programme and reach more young people via online platforms.

The brand has released a new viral video through online influencer FHMedia/熊仔頭. The YouTuber is popular with young consumers in Asia and has created a humorous video to inform consumers about their elderly visit service.

AS Watson hopes to make Hong Kong a happier place with the campaign. Malina Ngai, Chief Operating Officer at AS Watson, said: “Smile is universal, it is one of the most powerful ways of influencing others and relaying happiness, which transcends the boundary of language and ideologies. The new digital campaign is about encouraging people to show appreciation to each other, and share their smiles with friends and families. With Project LOL, we want to bring more love and joy to Hong Kong and encourage Hong Kong people to be more positive and energetic in helping make our home city a better place.”

The company has commissioned digital agency Prizm to create a “smile meter” with the new app WeSmile. Members of the public in Hong Kong can upload cheerful pictures to the app and have their smile rated using facial recognition technology.

Jeffrey Hau, Director of Prizm, said: “We are delighted to work with AS Watson on such a meaningful project that can deliver laughters and spread out the good message to the community. Happiness is unlimited but smile can be detected through digital solutions. I am looking forward to seeing individuals laughing out loud while taking selfies.”

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Project LOL aims to provide resources across three main areas: health, education and caring community. The project was launched in Hong Kong last year to mark the company’s 175 years in business. AS Watson plans to extend the programme across its 24 markets in the future.