AAK honoured as a sustainability leader

Published: 18-Nov-2022

AAK is proud to receive a 2022 Sustainable Beauty Award and named the winner of the Sustainability Leadership Category. The organisers, Ecovia Intelligence, presented the award on Monday evening, 7 November, at a reception hosted alongside the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit in Paris

"AAK is the winner of the Sustainable Leadership Award for building sustainable supply chains for plant-based oils", says Amarjit Sahota, Founder and President of Ecovia Intelligence and organizer of the Sustainable Beauty Awards. "It is a pioneer in setting up traceable value chains for shea butter, coconut oil and canola oil. And is applauded for working directly with smallholders in Africa and Asia to make a lasting difference to their livelihoods."

"Sustainability is a core part of the AAK identity and has been for many years", explains Lisette Townsend, Global Business Development and Marketing Director, AAK Personal Care. "Transforming supply chains and managing risks related to global challenges, including climate change, biodiversity, and human rights, cannot be achieved in isolation and require systemic transformation. We work closely with strategic partners to support the personal care industry in driving sustainable solutions and lead the way in demonstrating how small but tangible changes can grow exponentially and result in impactful, sustainable, long-lasting benefits for all."

The Sustainability Leadership Award recognises an organisation's overall leadership in all areas of sustainability, from ecosystem conservation, carbon and waste management, socio-economic programs and beyond. Details of the AAK sustainability objectives, projects, and results can be found in the annual Sustainability Report. And for a comprehensive overview of AAK Personal Care's portfolio of sustainably sourced, naturally derived ingredients, visit aakpersonalcare.com and follow the LinkedIn page.


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