20% of men admit to being jealous of a friend’s hair

Dove Men+Care 2017 Hair Census reveals surprising insights into men’s relationship with their barnets

Comedian W. Kamau Bell was surprised by Dove's findings

Hair envy has been experienced by 20% of men, with 33% wishing they had hair like their friends.

The insights were gleaned from this year’s Dove Men+Care Hair Census, which reveals the hair habits and preferences of men from 50 US states.

Dove teamed up with W. Kamau Bell, 44, an American socio-political comedian, to talk with men that participated in the research and promote the findings.

Bell said: “Hair is a big part of my identity and the census really proves how, as a culture, guys are putting an importance on the look and style of their hair.

“It's been really interesting for me to explore. I was surprised that men from all walks of life held hair in such a high regard, and yet reflect their identity through hair in many different ways."

Other statistics include that 20% of men would give up drinking for a month in exchange for stronger, healthier hair – qualities desired by 60%.

The most admired barnets were found to be soccer players, with men saying that athletes have the ‘best hair’. But man buns are no longer considered on-trend with 70% of men wishing the fad would end.