New intensive contour serum Argan Bio-Active

Published: 9-Mar-2023

A sophisticated presentation for a new generation of anti-aging ecological care

Do you need a boost in your anti-aging care? Melvita Laboratories has the solution. Thanks to its new lifting expert serum, it is now possible to firm and smooth wrinkles and expression lines and redefines the facial oval.

We are talking about a lifting result thanks to its high concentration of microbiotic Argan Oil, packaged in a functional and elegant full dropper pack manufactured by Virospack.

The fresh and stirring texture of this excellent formulation, 20 times more concentrated in fatty acids than the traditional argan oil and working with a perfect affinity with the skin, penetrates more easily and deeply into the epidermis. The skin retrieves its barrier function, as well as its firmness and radiance, and the contours of the face seem redefined.

Its container, composed of a moulded glass bottle of 30ml capacity combined with a dropper dispenser, guarantees the perfect conversation of this ultra-sensorial formula rich in a powerful combination of youthful oils. As well as a perfect and precise dosage in drops. And, to enhance the rejuvenating result, Melvita Laboratories advises to follow your massage ritual using 3 or 4 drops, which should be applied to the palm of your hand. Heating these drops of product with your hands and applying them later and evenly on the face. Similarly, and for the care of the neck, 2 drops should be extracted, proceeding later in the same way.

The packaging, manufactured and decorated by Virospack, offers a sophisticated and aspirational final image that responds to the guidelines of the brand. An image that is achieved thanks to the spray-painted bottle in a customised color and decorated with screen-printing in 3 different colors.

An elegant bottle that combines perfectly with a classic dropper composed of a bulb injected in the same customised color as the bottle, a collar with metal shell in gold, and a glass pipette.

Functionality and precision in the packaging and the formula of this serum that is part of a new generation of ecological anti-aging care Argan Bio Active.

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