New hair fixative from AkzoNobel

Published: 10-Nov-2014

AkzoNobel has launched a sustainable polymer for hair styling products, BIOSTYLE XH

AkzoNobel has launched a sustainable polymer for hair styling products. BIOSTYLE XH polymer is designed to offer strong hold and impart clarity to hair gels and other styling aids without compromising on product aesthetics or economics.

The fixative combines the performance of a synthetic polymer with the sustainability of a partially naturally derived material to offer the styling performance formulators require to meet consumer demand, according to AkzoNobel.

BIOSTYLE XH polymer - XH for extra hold - is designed especially for use in such products as clear hair gels, mousses, creams and waxes. Partially derived from renewable resources, it is formed by the reaction of vinyl pyrrolidone (NVP) and maltodextrin. This proprietary, patented hybrid polymer offers the clarity and consumer-preferred rheology typically associated with synthetic fixative polymers.

“BIOSTYLE XH gives formulators the best of both worlds,” said Melissa Vitale, Global Marketing Manager of Hair Styling at AkzoNobel. “This hybrid works so well because formulators get performance similar to an all-synthetic material, including the crystal clarity that many consumers want and look for, while developing more sustainable and renewable styling aids.”

Supplied as a 25% active solution in water, BIOSTYLE XH polymer is a liquid, thus saving mixing time at production scale. The polymer is nonionic and compatible with rheology modifiers such as Carbomer and most common styling ingredients, enabling wide formulation versatility.

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